Miloni Bhandari

Miloni Bhandari is a certified Nutritionist and Dietician based out of Pune. After completing her Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics, she started her nutrition consultations at various hospitals and fitness centres. With an overall experience of disease oriented dietetics and nutrition in sports and fitness. She has developed a generalised and customised range of recipes to help cure various disease conditions and achieve targeted fitness goals in healthy individuals. She believes that, you don’t need medicines when you know ‘when to eat and what to eat’. With the help of Miloni’s expertise many individuals have successfully attained their fitness goals, apart from which her diet has helped variety of patients to get control over chronic lifestyle associated disorders like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, fibromalgia, etc.

Miloni is an expert in designing customised diet and offers creative ways of cooking healthy yet tasty food. Her diet recipes are appreciated for the results along with the twist of taste.