Look Young, Live Healthy

Look Young, Live Healthy

Look Young, Live Healthy

Today everyone is fascinated to look young and live a healthy life. Most of us believe that the anti aging cream or the night cream we use may help us look younger and some health drink or supplements might bring huge effects to our health. To be very honest, it’s all a trap! There is no short cut to health and to look young. Basically health comes from what you eat, breathe, live and ultimately your younger looks depends on your health status.

Ayurveda states that to attain holistic health the basic elements viz. the three humors (termed as Doshas), the seven types of tissues (termed as Sapta Dhatu), three wastes (Tri Mala), five sensory organ (Pancha Indriya), consciousness (Mana) and our Soul (Atma) must be in an equilibrium and maintain the blissful state. Any imbalance in these elements is the basic cause of any physical or mental disease.

To attain and maintain this state of health, Ayurveda suggest balancing the above mentioned basic elements. This can be done with a holistic approach of Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle, Detoxification and Herbal remedies (if required).


Here are a few suggestions related to Diet –

  • Eat fresh

Always go for freshly cooked food rather than packed preserved or refrigerated, as it makes a huge difference to your digestive system. To the least you can go for warmed up meals, in case freshly cooked is not possible. But make a rule to consume food prepared on the same day.

  • Go for fruits not for juice –

Fruits are always preferably than juices when you have an option to choose. To be more specific about fruits, it is best to have seasonal and regional fruits. Fruit intake should be strictly before meals as it enhances digestion by utilizing the fibers. Whereas post meal consumption of fruits can overloads the digestive system.

  • Plan your meals –

It is necessary to provide at least 3 to 5 hours (varies on individual body constitution and dietary habits) after a meal to get it digested well. Although the best time to have meals is when you are hungry it should also be noted that any snacking in the meanwhile may lead to overloaded digestive system resulting in sluggish digestion.

  • Avoid excess –

Eat according to your digestive capabilities while maintaining some part (approximately 1/4th) of your appetite empty for quick and better digestion. Also avoid excess consumption of a particular taste or substance. It’s true that you need all the nutrients for good health, but it will benefit you only when taken in a limited amount.

  • Avoid distraction while dinning –

Try to avoid any possible distractions such as TV, music, talking, reading, etc. as it is very important to be aware of what you eat. Keep your focus completely on your food during meals. Everything else can be spared for later!

  • Cut out coffee –

Many of us have a myth about caffeine, as it makes you feel fresh instantly with its stimulant rush. Apart from being addictive coffee also has another negative impact on your body i.e. Caffeine is a very strong stimulant which over a period of time leads to issues like anxiety, insomnia (sleeplessness), hyper acidity, impaired digestive system and bowel habit, etc. Not only coffee but even tea and other such stimulants should be avoided or at least limited.


Lifestyle related recommendations:

  • Workout regularly –

It is the best you can do for your health! Also your skin needs to flush out toxins via sweat. Sweating is a natural way of detox. For best results go for a moderate to heavy cardio workout such as Yoga, running, swimming, ground exercises, cycling, trekking or at least a power walk. Walking is a subtle form of exercise, but yes it is something better than nothing as many individuals may find it difficult to start with a heavy routine of exercise.

  • Face wash –

Wash your face 3 to 4 times a day, especially before bed time. It is not necessary to use any cosmetic product or some face wash. Water itself can serve the purpose, as it helps to remove the excess oil from your face and also rejuvenate your skin tissue by cleansing the clogged pores of your sweat glands. Until and unless you are exposed to excessive dust, pollution and sweat water would be sufficient.

  • Avoid sun exposure –

Sun exposure is surely something your body needs as a source of vitamin D. But excess sun exposure may lead to dullness of skin. Use a good sun screen lotion approximately 15 to 30 minutes prior to getting into the heat. Any good quality sun screen will do, as far as it suites your skin type.

  • Moisturize it well –

Apart from the wide range of moisturizers available in the market, it is best if you go for the natural form of moisturizer. Sesame oil in winters and coconut oil in summers can be a good moisturizer to be used instead of your night cream. This will keep your skin in good shape for the upcoming day.

  • Sleep early, wake early –

Early to bed and early to rise! This is the magic mantra of a healthy life. Sleep helps to relax your mind and also in the rejuvenation of skin. A good qualitative and quantitative sleep will give you a natural glowing skin and also reduces your dark circles.

Getting out of the bed might be a tough job for few individuals especially when you are habitual to wake up late every morning. But once you fit it into the new routine, the freshness will certainly amaze you. Waking up early will also make you sleep early at night helping you out of insomnia (sleeplessness).

  • Quit smoking –

The best advice to stay young and healthy is to get rid of your addictions. Smoking not just affects your lungs, but it also leaves a deep impact on your body. It can potentially cause harm to your nervous system, cardiovascular system, intellectual level, digestive system and also snatch away the natural glow of your skin. It might be difficult to quit if it’s been for quite long time but you can do it gradually with the help of beloved friend and family members. It only needs a motivation and determination from within.

These were few suggestions to stay young and healthy. Stay tuned with us to know more about how Ayurveda and Yoga can take you towards holistic health.